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☀️ solar energy 🌬️ wind energy ⛽ gas generators 🌊 water power Energy hub makes

more affordable,
than from any conventional
energy source
Slide Energy Hub connects to any energy source Energy Hub converts and optimizes your energy without the need for additional equipment. Slide Most advanced energy
storage technologies
Energy Hubs charge batteries from renewable sources or from the power grid at night, when electricity is priced lower.
Batteries are then discharged during expensive peak hours.
Slide Multiplying your
power capacity
Energy Hubs allow direct connection of car ultrachargers or high power equipment in places with no sufficient power connection.

Ultracharging Energy Hub

Fastest electric vehicle charging with solar powered energy hubs. Energy Hub charges 200 km in 10 minutes, or as fast as the vehicle allows it. Optimally suited for current and future electric vehicles with long cruising range.

300 kW DC ultracharging via CCS2 and CHAdeMO

Battery is fully charged and discharged in 10 minutes

When clients are not expected, Energy Hub makes revenue on ancillary services

Made with impressive technology from Siemens

Solar Energy Hub

Complete solution for the construction of new high efficiency solar energy plants as well as for the modernization of existing ones. Solar panels are connected directly to the hub without the need for additional inverters or optimizers.

Central solar inverter

Advanced battery management system

DC-DC bidirectional converters and uni-directional optimizers

Firefighting and early warning systems of battery failures

Our partners

General ElectricGeneral Electric
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Smart Grid Energy Hub

For the electricity market to function, it is important that the supply of electricity producers meets the actual demand. However, it is difficult to achieve this compliance in real time, which leads to the imbalance in the electricity market.
To eliminate imbalances, UBESS Smart Grid energy hubs are needed and you can also make revenues by participating in primary energy reserve and ancillary services markets.

More than 16 charge-discharge cycles per day, suitable for 24h grid operation, which brings the payback period down to 3.5 years, depending on the installation region.

30 minutes for a full charge and 30 minutes for a full discharge (at 2C-Rate, battery maximum 10C)

Operation both in automatic and in dispatcher controlled mode. Adjusts network power parameters.

Energy Hub

Available in Mini, Pro and Max versions.

Universal solution where energy storage is needed

Battery is fully charged and discharged in 10 minutes

For storage of off-peak energy

Backup power supply of automatics

uSonick Hydrogen Fuel Cells

USonick’s scientists mission since 2016 is to research, upgrade and apply the most cost-effective energy storage technologies, covering all of the world’s energy storage needs – from transmission and grid support to gigawatt storage facilities that will eventually replace conventional hydro storage power plants.


UBESS is a joint effort of numerous energy and engineering companies to provide a solution for stabilizing and storing solar and renewable power using the most reliable and affordable technologies available. We’ve built facilities for major transnational and state-owned energy companies, including, design of transmission networks and substations (with rated voltage of 6–750 kV), connection of facilities to the power grid and automation of power plants.

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